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Our Mission

Corporate Engine
Personnel & Businesses

We contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of
Yamaha Motor Group and strive for company-wide professionalism
in business operation



from the President


Fulfilling Our Mission to be a Corporate Engine

Based on our mission to be a “Corporate Engine for Personnel & Businesses,” we at Yamaha Motor BizPartner handle duties indispensable to the smooth operation of corporate affairs and tasks for the Yamaha Motor group, which include human resources, general affairs, finance and accounting, indirect material procurement, and insurance.

With our Action Guidelines of Professionalism, to work with earnestness, pride, and responsibility; Praise & Respect, to acknowledge and celebrate diversity; and Pioneering, to persistently pursue self-development; we aim to be a driving force for enhancing the competitiveness of the Yamaha Motor group as it takes greater strides in over 180 countries and regions around the world.

Tomohiko “Tom” Okamoto
President and CEO

Action Guidelines

Future oriented, self-transforming, challenge-driven professionalism, respect and admiration, taking pride and responsibility in our work, understanding each other's differences, and recognizing growth


  • Contribute to competitiveness of Yamaha Motor Group from a corporate-wide perspective
  • Create ideal working environments to maximize performance of Yamaha Motor Group employees
  • Contribute to sustainable growth of our business partners & community
  • Climb to the top in employee satisfaction & optimized working environment