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Clean, fast, cheap and accurate.
We deliver peace of mind and gratitude.


We manage logistics and procurement for a wide range of products. We have practical experience in managing imports / exports and trilateral trade, including from overseas locations. In order to bring smiles to the faces of our customers, we work hard every day to strengthen our logistics quality (Quality), make deliveries on time (Delivery), reduce costs (Cost), and maintain our logistics capabilities (Capacity).
Additionally, through logistics / trade operations creation and optimization, and by strengthening compliance with various laws, we strengthen compliance for the entire Yamaha Motor Group. We work hard every day to deliver peace of mind not only to the customer, but also to the company.

Target Business

  • Domestic Logistics icon

    Domestic Logistics

    Our business is delivering Yamaha Motor products (motorcycles, PAS, boats, etc.) to dealers. With both timely delivery and logistics quality guaranteed, we deliver peace of mind to our customers. We also contribute to the manufacture of high-quality products by making full use of milk runs* to deliver parts specifically procured for the Yamaha Motor Group in Japan. These parts are delivered to our factories in a timely and efficient manner.
    ※ Milk run: A distribution method used to transport mixed loads from various suppliers to one customer.

  • Overseas Logistics icon

    Overseas Logistics /
    Trade Work

    We are involved in the export, import, and logistics of various domestic and overseas Yamaha Motor Group products, such as motorcycles and outboard motors. In order to provide our mission of a new inspirational and rich life to our customers around the world, we are aiming for a logistics business in pursuit of safety, speed, and reasonable cost in compliance with proper trade. We take on a crucial role and responsibility in the supply chain, starting with the procurement of components to the delivery of the product to our customers.

  • Logistics Management / Trade Control Work icon

    Logistics Management /
    Trade Control Work

    For a wide variety of domestic Yamaha Motor Group products, we carry out payments and money transfers. We also carry out verification / analysis of logistics costs and procurement distribution costs. We are attempting to build optimum logistics quality through “visualization promotion” activities of our total distribution costs. In addition, we perform overseas accounting work (overseas remittances, accounts receivable appropriation) for imports, exports, and trilateral trade. Services such as management and maintenance of various business systems are also provided. As a control group, we are charged with strengthening compliance in distribution and trade practices. We work hard every day to deliver the highest level of logistics quality to our customers.