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We provide an exciting, lively workplace and environment.


We take care of the construction and management of the facilities, such as factories and offices, necessary for business and corporate activities at Yamaha Motor Group in Japan. We provide an exciting, lively workplace and environment, and we contribute to the improvement of productivity.
In addition, we operate and manage Yamaha Motor Group’s domestic facilities such as employee cafeterias, daycare centers, dormitories, company housing, on-site shops, gymnasiums, etc. We operate a commuter bus service, manage official company vehicles, send daily necessities to workers stationed overseas, and provide employee moving services, etc. We provide services centered on food and housing, which contribute to the health of company employees; and moreover, a secure and comfortable life.

Target Business

  • Construction Management icon

    Construction Management

    We offer support for the construction of facilities at Yamaha Motor Group in a wide range of business areas such as offices, factories, testing laboratories, test courses, and marinas. The processes of planning, investigation, design, acquiring permits, contractor selection, and construction supervision are all carried out from top to bottom in quick succession. Targeting global locations, such as in the United States, Europe, ASEAN, and emerging countries contributes to Yamaha Motor Group’s domestic business expansion.

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    Facility Management

    We carry out the work necessary for maintenance and management of facilities such as offices and factories. Inspections are done on equipment and machinery, including fire inspection, air conditioning inspection, elevator / automatic door inspection, septic tank / grease trap inspection, water tank / septic tank cleaning, etc. We are also involved with environmental improvements, including air / water quality inspection, landscape management, pest control, etc. All workers have acquired the proper qualifications under the Construction Business Act in full compliance with the law. This work contributes to Yamaha Motor Group’s domestic business continuity.

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    Employee Welfare

    We put our domestic Yamaha Motor Group workers first by managing and operating cafeterias, employee dormitories, and daycare centers at our offices. In addition, our on-site shops sell not only snacks and refreshments, but also worker uniforms. We contribute to the working environment and lifestyle of Yamaha Motor group employees by providing both safe and delicious food, and a safe and comfortable living environment.

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    General Affairs Operation

    We help employees carry out business smoothly. We manage general affairs such as office reception, switchboard operations, official company seal stamping, and issuance management of company-wide notifications and business correspondence. Additionally, our office administration business manages real estate, such as land and buildings. We also carry out security planning and operations within the office, providing a safe and secure workplace for Yamaha Motor Group employees.