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We pursue both improved reliability and optimization.


From financial systems to managerial accounting, we are responsible for a wide range of fields at Yamaha Motor Group in Japan. We handle finance & accounting operations, financial reporting (non-consolidated and consolidated), and preparation of financial disclosure documents for Yamaha Motor. Additionally, we handle budgeting, budgetary control, and the administration of monthly executive officer meetings, etc.
By implementing appropriate accounting operations in accordance with all laws, accounting standards, tax systems, and Yamaha Motor Group rules and guidelines, we strive to achieve high reliability from each Yamaha Motor Group company.
In addition, by standardizing accounting systems and business processes, and by making daily improvements, we aim to further improve the productivity of our finance & accounting business.

Target Business

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    Finance & Accounting Work

    Naturally, numbers are expected to be accurate. They need to be processed appropriately and in a timely manner under the light of rules, laws and customary practice. In order for this to be achieved, we endeavor to always have situational awareness, share knowledge and experience, and communicate with people both inside and outside of the organization. In recent years, we have been taking on a variety of challenges. We have been trying to break away from the traditional accounting style, represented by paper and calculators, and meet the demand to implement a digital transformation and achieve a paperless office.

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    Reporting /
    Disclosure Work

    Domestic Yamaha Motor Group’s quarterly and annual operating results, and end of term financial and cash flow conditions are provided in detail as useful information for the company stakeholders. This is done in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the rules of timely disclosure determined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition to accuracy, appropriateness, and timeliness, speed is also required in this area. However, group companies routinely process documents one at a time, so carrying out proper accounting procedures is necessary; therefore, we are aiming to achieve this as the core of our outsourcing business.

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    Accounting Work

    We provide the information that Yamaha Motor management uses as a basis to correctly understand the business conditions of Yamaha Motor Group and to make appropriate business decisions. To that end, in addition to compiling the annual budget and managing its progress on a monthly basis, we analyze the business and financial conditions of the entire group from various perspectives; including the products, regions, businesses, etc. We also provide proactive detection and reporting of abnormal values, and in some cases, we suggest new management methods.