We provide the environment and opportunities
for all workers to actively participate and grow.


At Yamaha Motor Group in Japan, we are involved in personnel / labor system operations, transfers / personnel management, salary / bonus / severance pay calculation, social insurance, personnel information management, overseas assignee relocation administration, personnel systems maintenance control, education / training, recruitment, etc.
In addition to improving motivation and ease of work, we provide, as a shared service, the environment and opportunities for all workers to actively participate and grow.
As a group of professionals in the field of human resources, from the time employees first enter the company to the time they retire, we improve the business value of Yamaha Motor Group through solid expertise, higher productivity, and the pursuit of operational quality.

Target Business

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    Personnel / Labor / Payroll

    In addition to being involved in the management and operation of human resource organization, we also handle Yamaha Motor Group’s domestic personnel system, wage system, and labor policy. We manage staffing for organizational changes and transfers, and engage in labor management activities, such as administration of attendance and wage calculation / payment.
    We contribute to the sustainable growth of the Yamaha Motor Group by supporting an organization and structure where all employees can feel secure about the future in an atmosphere where they can flourish and devote themselves to exciting work.
    As a business operation that supports Yamaha Motor Group, we promote work standardization and automation, such as going paperless.
    We contribute to higher motivation and ease of work by enhancing productivity and expanding workplace and working time options, such as with remote work.

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    We do the hiring of personnel for Yamaha Motor Group in Japan. As reliable human resource recruitment professionals, we help Yamaha Motor Group meet their human resource demands and business challenges by hiring the best personnel. At the same time, we contribute to society and the local community by providing opportunities for workers to flourish. In addition to the recruitment of new graduates, full-time workers, and temporary workers, our business also involves internship acceptance and second career reemployment support services for Yamaha Motor Group employees. Regarding recent graduate recruitment, we are improving business efficiency by fully utilizing a standardized system of selection, such as applicant management, test administration and the formation of application groups. We also contribute to effective branding by holding joint recruiting events, etc. together with Yamaha Motor Group.

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    Education / Training

    We are currently promoting the “Personnel Development System" and supporting the establishment of PDCA for Yamaha Motor Group in Japan.
    Specifically, we provide training services based on our personnel development policy, such as planning, projects, implementation management, evaluation, and review.
    In addition to procedural changes, such as conducting approximately 90% of the entire training program online, brought on by utilizing ICT, the current way of “training" is undergoing a period of transformation.
    We are making a major shift from the traditional, uniform way of personnel development to training based on “making the best use of the individual” and “personal career orientation.”
    Our aim is to contribute to the growth of the people and organizations of Yamaha Motor Group in its entirety by building a mechanism by which each employee can think about their own career and by implementing a culture of independent learning.

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    Human Resource Services

    We provide specialized human resource services for the western part of Shizuoka as well as the Yamaha Motor Group in Japan. As a group of professionals in the field of human resource services, we contribute to the development of the corporation by introducing and dispatching the most suitable personnel for its various needs. In addition, we provide an abundance of job opportunities and working styles, such as full-time and temporary dispatch positions. We treat each worker with care and offer sincere support according to each person’s individual circumstances. We provide opportunities for workers to actively participate and opportunities to grow.